Experiences in Arachova

Experiences in Arachova

Arachova is a small, traditional town, built on a slope of the mount Parnassus and it belongs to the county of Viotia. It has just over 2500 residents. The history of the region begins from ancient times and particularly the first settlements there date back to 1200 B.C..

  Popular activities:


◊   Ski Center

Parnassus Ski Center is very popular for skiers.

◊   Trekkings

Discover Trekking in Arachova and Mount Parnassus.

◊   Mountain Bike

Mountain bike excursions is one great way to explore Parnassus.

◊   Private Cruise

Private Cruises of your choice are available.

◊   Hiking

Discover hiking trails, off road adventures.

◊   Massage Treatment

Discover massages and body treatments.

◊   Shopping

Find Shopping Streets in Arachova Main Street.

◊   Horseback Riding

Discover the beauties of Parnassos on horseback.

◊   Religious Excursions

Discover Byzantine Monastery and churches around the vilage.

◊   Festivals & Events

Cultural events and religious festivals.

◊  Workshops

Enjoy painting, drawing and printmaking classes.