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When you feel as you are reaching for the stars, floating on air amidst the sea and sky, unleashing your senses in a world of unrivalled privacy, seductive moments and exciting experiences, you know you’ve reached your destination: Aelia Hospitality Paros, Arachova & Parnassus Villa rentals.

Aelia Hospitality gives luxury holidays a whole new meaning by providing immense peace and comfort, moments of pleasure and intriguing memories to treasure for life. Whether seeking for quality luxury accommodation, a soothing wellness experience, a culinary journey to a world of flavorsome revelations, an adventure to uncover hidden gems and reveal the past and heritage of the Cyclades island And Central Greece Mountain, a voyage to pristine coasts and tales of true passion, pick one of the Aelia Hospitality luxury Villas in Paros, Arachova & Parnassus and let us breathe life into your dreams.




Aelia Hospitality Paros Villas 


Aelia Hospitality  Paros Luxury Villas are located in the Aegean Archipelago, in the heart of the Cyclades island group, on the island of Paros which is known for its fine white marble.

Erected on a property of 11.000 square meters, the four private rental luxury villas are situated in a peaceful area, a breath away from the famous Golden Beach where you can bathe under the Cycladic sunlight and enjoy a picturesque view of the Aegean landscape. The town centre – in case the guests miss the cosmopolitan pulse of the city – is just 19 km away. The three large outdoor pools offer an unsurpassed view of the astonishing Cycladic coastline, so that you can enjoy natural scenery right from the edge of your pool!

The villas display a unique style, blending elements from traditional Cycladic architecture with contemporary elements of design and attention to detail. The villas feature handmade wooden creations and elegant marble patterns, resembling a modern art exhibition. Elegance and chic permeate every detail to ensure a luxurious stay for the guests who seek peace in the harmonious coexistence of nature with modern design.

During their stay at the luxurious Aelia Paros Villas, the guests could as well engage in a wide variety of activities the area has to offer, such as windsurfing or diving. Rich in options, you can also dive into a journey of total relaxation with unrivalled spa procedures and massage treatment.

The villas offer impeccable service to ensure that your stay is outstanding and meets all the highest standards of quality. Aelia Paros Villas offer a utopian combination, featuring all of the amenities which a world-class resort has to offer, including concierge services, daily maid service, food and beverage services, as well as babysitting.


Let your holidays be unique at Aelia Hospitality Paros Villas. Luxury Temptation!





Aelia Hospitality Parnassus Chalet’s


Aelia Parnassus Chalet is located on the Mount Parnassus that lies only 14 km away from the picturesque town of Arachova, a popular destination for those seeking winter sports, and 13 km away from the famous Greek town of Delphi, home of the oracle of Apollo. The mount hosts the best ski resort in Greece and offers scenic views of traditional olive groves and the Greek countryside.


The two villas, each featuring a fireplace, offer a warm interior in earthy tones to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The materials used in the construction are mainly wood and stone, creating an oasis of peace, proportion and harmony. The traditional elements of design blend with the contemporary handmade elements which offer a unique touch and a luxurious vibe to the Chalet. The minimalism in the interior and the luxury-designed furniture are a true sign of elegance and taste. This is the best place to spend your winter holidays while enjoying the unspoiled view of the Greek nature. Some villas feature a balcony offering breathtaking views. The cosy holiday residence also comprises a garden that serves like a gateway to nature where you can relax and enjoy the refreshing mountain air.


The Chalet exudes warmth with its saunas which are perfect for relaxing evenings after a tough day on the slopes. The Chalet also features a ski storage place and a billiards table for those who enjoy the game. All units come with a fully equipped kitchen and VIP features and amenities including a daily maid, concierge services, car rental, or food and beverage services.


During the stay at the Aelia Parnassus Chalet, the guests might as well engage in a wide variety of activities the area has to offer, such as skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. The guests can also enjoy relaxing spa therapies and massage treatment or a private cruise and spiritual religious excursions.


Let your holidays be unique at Aelia Parnassus Chalet. Luxury Temptation!