Paros, Greece

Paros, a Hidden Jewel of the Cyclades

Paros, often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor Mykonos, is a destination that offers a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary appeal, making it an ideal location for luxury accommodation in Paros. The island’s character is distinctly reflected in its classic Cycladic architecture, with labyrinthine streets, whitewashed houses, and vibrant splashes of bougainvillea. This blend of old and new, coupled with the exquisite options for luxury accommodation in Paros, makes the island a captivating retreat for those seeking both comfort and culture.

The island’s beaches, like the renowned Kolymbithres and Golden Beach, are a haven for both relaxation and adventure. These shores are not just for basking under the Grecian sun; they are also hotspots for water sports, particularly windsurfing, thanks to the ideal wind conditions Paros is known for.

Paros’ culinary landscape is a feast for the senses, offering a delightful mix of traditional Greek tavernas and upscale dining experiences. The local cuisine, with its emphasis on fresh seafood and the famous Parian cheese, is a gastronomic journey not to be missed.

Historically rich, the island boasts significant landmarks like the Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a marvel of Byzantine architecture, and the ancient marble quarries near Marathi, testament to the island’s historical significance in marble trade.

Reaching Paros is convenient, with well-connected ferry routes from Athens and other islands, and a local airport serving domestic flights. This accessibility makes Paros a practical yet enchanting choice for travelers.

In summary, Paros is a multifaceted destination, offering the allure of natural beauty, cultural depth, and a harmonious blend of tranquility and vitality. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking an authentic and diverse Greek island experience.


By sea: Regular ferry connections from Piraeus, Rafina, and other Cycladic islands 

By air: Domestic flights from Athens and other Greek cities Location: Paros, Cyclades 


Paros’ charm lies in its ability to offer a serene atmosphere combined with a lively spirit, making it an evolving and dynamic destination, perfect for those looking to explore the authentic side of the Cyclades.

Golden Beach




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